Cost Effective

Efficient use of material

The hybrid timber frame structure is extremely efficient because each part of the structure is placed where it is used maximally and there is no need for extra material.

Compact packaging

The wood-frame in our structures allows us to avoid heavy and roomy packaging and to fit several houses per container. This optimization makes the delivery cost of each house as low as possible.

Long life paint system

Since the exterior steel of the house is such an important component in it's appearance it is crucial that the paint system would not fade or degrade along with extending the life of the steel.

Labour saving construction

An average house can be built by 4 people in 4 days. We offer local construction training and as a result local people can continue to build these houses without our assistance.

Fits into any environment

Because of the embedded foundation, water table does not effect it, can be used in any soil type, can be elevated if in a flood plain, and the exterior can be modified to blend into any cultures.

Easy to modify and add to

The open floorplan allows you to put interior walls wherever needed, and modify them later. Hybrid timber-frame allows you to add extra rooms to the building in the future.

Flexible design

We developed models based on feedback from local people in countries that we work with. But that is not a limitation. We can create custom designs according to your need.

Easy to build

No need for heavy equipment, the optimized use of pre-manufactured components make the training and construction possible for anybody without building experience.