About Us

Who is Team Global House and What is our Objective?

Team Global House (TGH) is a Distributor of building materials, which in turn, enables TGH to achieve its Objective; which is to provide a housing solution that is durable, affordable, energy-efficient, thereby, addressing the Social Triple Bottom Line,” Economy, Ecology and Sociology in a positive way around the world... In doing so, we will enable families to “Live with Dignity and Peace of Mind rather than just Survive day to day.”

How is TGH expressed Objective realized?

Team Global House has established a partnership with Borkholder Buildings & Supply (BB&S) Company, which is located in Nappanee, IN and owned by Dwayne Borkholder. BB&S Company has 55 years of experience received many National Awards for Design and Innovation. One such National Award, specifically, was for their entry of the 2010 Competition of the National Frame Building Association. They received a “Building of the Year” Award for such aforementioned submission.

BB&S initially started primarily serving the Midwest and, then, slowly but surely, began to expand Nationally and, then, Internationally. BB&S has 15 years of experience, working overseas, exporting to five (5) International Countries.

Within such National (U.S.A.) and International (Non-U.S.A.) Markets, BB&S has engineered the best economical, long-term, durable housing solutions that are specifically designed for such Hurricane, Earthquake and Storm-prone areas across the U.S. and around the globe.