Unique engineered "Hybrid Timber-Frame" system allows the house to withstand Hurricanes & Earthquakes. Includes "Anti-Termite" treatment and 70 year structural wood warranty.

"Best economical long-term, engineered housing solution"

Specifically designed for Hurricane, Earthquake and Storm-prone areas of the World

    Our Customers

  • Relief organizations
  • Governments
  • Veterans
  • Missions
  • Churches
  • Contractors
  • Schools
  • Non Profits
  • Businesses
  • Community Banks
  • Rehab Centers

Watch: 100 seconds to build a Global House

600 square foot house is built by 4 people in 3 days using a standard package, which includes the following:
  • Foundations 
  • Structural Frame (anti-termite)
  • Attic Truss Roof System
  • Stairs 
  • Steel Roof (high quality paint)
  • Steel Siding (strong-fastener)
  • Windows and Doors
  • All Fasteners                                             

Efficient use of material. Engineered ergonomic structure design. Long life expectancy of the building. Lumberyard with ready access to materials leads to an unbeatable price. 

Optimized packaging allows us to fit 4 houses per container. Ability to ship thousands of houses a year in any direction. Local construction training. Worldwide shipping experience. 


Thank you for your time to let our team introduce to you this revolutionary, Affordable Building System. “The Global House” is the most economical, long-term housing solution to all parts of the world. This is why we are introducing the system to you, your organization and your clients.

So why should you want to build using The Global House Model instead of other building systems in the market?                    

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